Oct 202012

Recently I feel as though I’ve been around people constantly this past week and I have not really had much time to “de-stress” or “recharge.” Being the introvert that I am I do need periods of time by myself. Without those, usually I find myself starting to gradually lose the ability to cope with the “smaller” things in life.

Usually if I am around people where I feel like I have to be “sociable” or maintain a social front, I tend to be given easier to fatigue than if I’m by myself or around people where I feel like I can truly be “myself.” If situations like this continue for days at a time with little rest, I tend to have too little time in order to process all of the stimuli and I start doing and saying strange things. If I am not doing strange things then I am being excessively quiet and that tends to confuse people and draws an unnecessary amount of attention to me.

Also, during times of strange emotional crises I find that I need to retreat to quiet places in order to first deal with things internally. I am also the type of person who needs to speak with people and seek advice, but it unfortunately needs to be in my own timing. If I feel forced into talking or I feel that it isn’t the appropriate time, I just simply won’t have my thoughts sorted out and won’t be able to say much. It actually does me more harm than good to talk about things when I’m not ready.

This past week was what could be referred to as a “perfect storm.” It was filled with an “emotional crisis” at the head of the week which lead into non-stop social-ness each day of the week with minimal thinking-recharge time. Unfortunately today and tomorrow will also be the same type of crazy-social days. Then there is also the associated anxiety that comes with the territory of needing a good recharge.

Although I would rather not, I may have to adjust my schedule a bit so I’m much more antisocial this coming week. Usually I only require one good day to be alone to recharge when I’m at my worst moments, but I will have to make that judgment call tomorrow. I must admit, it is slightly annoying needing “recharge time” as often as I do. I guess that just proves that I am not a superhero and like everybody else, I require periods of “rest.”

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