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Arms and Tentacles


Squid Cache is a very sophisticated yet simple web proxy service. The best thing about it is that it's free! Another wonderful thing about Squid is that it can be expanded with external programs that can allow for further defining of more complicated ACLs.

What is Arms and Tentacles?

Arms and Tentacles are how a squid (as in the animal that swims in the ocean) interacts with the world. So, Arms and Tentacles are additional scripts that can be used with squid à la carte in order to perform functions that would otherwise be impossible or just simply more difficult. So in short, Arms and Tentacles is just a collection of scripts for use with Squid Cache that can further expand its functionality.

Available functionality

  • Squid Arms and Tentacles: Authentication - This allows for additional authentication via Squid to be able to use either LDAP/ActiveDirectory or htpasswd files to authenticate users. Since this is set up as an external ACL program, it is able to be used for interception/transparent mode as well.
  • Squid Arms and Tentacles: Blacklists - This provides the ability for Squid to look up URLs in blacklists from urlblacklist.com. There is also a script that downloads and updates the blacklist automatically and can be added to a cron.
  • Squid Arms and Tentacles: Bandwidth quotas - This script adds the functionality to Squid to be able to set limits on IPs/users using bandwidth quotas. The script will allow you to still use the custom Squid ACLs.

How to download/install

Currently, each script can be downloaded and added on à la carte. Please look at the respective download page of each add-on for more information

Bug reports / feature requests / feedback

Any feedback/bug reports/feature requests please contact me or post it on the discussion page. I love adding new features and hearing about bugs.

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