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Every time I see a "cool" image I feel the need to try and put my face on it. I don't have Photoshop so of course I use gimp instead. This is a gallery of what I've felt inclined to do.

This may not get updated very often. I only really feel the need to do this when I get absolutely inspired.

Warning: This can get very nerdy.

Images by me

Mike as Nomad from Crysis
It's like every and any dream I've ever had.
Alex Mercer or Mike A. Leonetti (from Prototype)
I look awesome in this.

FEAR 2: Project Origin meets Mike A. Leonetti
This is actually a real shot from the war. I know. I was there.

Making out with an alien
I thought she was cute.

Facing off with a Xenomorph
More Alien action.

Images by others

The Mulk
Totally ripped my shirt on that one...

Support falcon
Definitely not my best of moments. It's good that I can fly at least.
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