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Why browse through RSS feeds yourself looking for things you want to download? That's the question I asked myself. I found projects out there that were supposed to do it for, but none covered what I really needed. So I made one myself. I suppose that's the story of everyone's life.

What is FileStalker

FileStalker is a Perl script that will search through specified RSS feed or website for any file type you specify matching any name you specify. Of course, this means FileStalker will also automatically download torrent files. However, you are not just limited to torrent files. FileStalker will let you specify what file extensions you want to grab. So if you want to search up an RSS feed for your favorite torrents or a website for updates on ISO files, FileStalker will do both.

FileStalker currently only specifically runs on Linux (due to the fact that it relies on the wget, file, and sendmail programs). If people actually use this program I will certainly make it multiplatform.

What FileStalker is not

FileStalker is not a torrent downloading application. FileStalker only fetches the .torrent files. It will then put it in a directory for your already in-use torrent downloading application to grab and start downloading. For this process I would recommend possible running rtorrent ( in a screen ( and having it watch your download directory for new torrents.

Although you are not limited to using rtorrent.

How it works

For automated use, FileStalker should run as a cronjob. It browses the RSS feeds or websites you specify. On those feeds/websites it looks for the type of files you want it to download and then browses the subjects and compares them with a "fetch list" and an "ignore list." The "fetch list" and "ignore list" is just a list of file names to look for. For example, if you are watching an RSS feed for a favorite show, you can put that name into the "fetch list." FileStalker will recognize that you want that file and download it.

Note: Both the fetch list and the ignore list are not mandatory. If nothing is defined in the fetch list all files are this type of automatically downloaded.

Sometimes RSS feeds have a nasty habit of linking webpages where the files are located instead of linking the file directly. FileStalker automatically detects this and crawls the website linked. It then picks out the files you specified to download. It will also try and detect if that website just has one link to the file download to fetch the file.

To avoid multiple file downloads across multiple RSS feeds/websites, FileStalker also uses a history system (See FileStalker:History system) which will prevent the same files from being downloaded again across multiple RSS feeds/websites. This system can also be disabled on a per-RSS feed/website basis.

How to download/install

See the FileStalker:Download section.

How to use

See the FileStalker:Getting started section.

Bug reports / feature requests / feedback

Any feedback/bug reports/feature requests please contact me or post it on the discussion page. This project is still in beta and I'd love to make it better.


Update 11/23/2010

New version 0.11

Update 11/21/2010

Released the beta version of the project for FileStalker.

Features I'd like to add in the future

See the FileStalker:Wanted features and unwanted bugs

How you can make FileStalker work for you

The idea of FileStalker is to make a very flexible program that makes obtaining files over the Internet quick and easy and not to mention automated. To do this, your help is definitely needed.

You can do this by:

  • Using the program
  • Even if you don't use the program, discuss why not
  • Reporting all bugs you see
  • Reporting all features you want to see
  • Editing the documentation to make it better here on the Wiki
  • Submitting patches/addons/etc

And things like that.

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