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Chip template engine



A couple of years ago when I was working on an eCommerce like PHP application I had to invent an easy way for developers to easy interact with all of the HTML code without having to deal with any PHP. The answer: an HTML parsing engine. Over the years I had accustomed myself to using my own HTML parsing engine, and by the time I was told about the Smarty template engine I was in shock that somebody else had the same idea as I (a very small way of thinking). So, like any other curious programmer, I tried the Smarty template engine.

But, as things don't always do, it didn't fit my needs the way I saw them. So using some of the ideas and concepts from the Smarty template engines I re-wrote my own. This time the focus was on giving more funcionality to the programmer and allowing for better arrangement of the template code.

The Chip HTML Parsing Engine is undoubtedly my findings. It comes in both PHP and Perl flavors.

Bug reports / feature requests / feedback

Any feedback/bug reports/feature requests please contact me or post it on the discussion page. Although I haven't touched the project in years I'm willing to make it better/fix issues.


See also The Changelog.

Update 2/2/2011

New function linkif and guide entry thanks to Dave. Currently only on the PHP version.

Update 4/28/2010

As you may have noticed, I haven't been maintaining this. This is mainly because I haven't been programming much. But, as to not leave anybody high and dry if you find any bugs or you want to request features you can always Contact me.

Update 08/28/2006

More bugfixes and mod_perl workarounds on the Chip Template Engine Perl (version 0.32).

Update 08/25/2006

Small bugfixes on the Chip Template Engine Perl (version 0.31). Beta testers are still appreciated.]]

Update 08/16/2006

Introducing the Chip Template Engine Perl (version 0.3). Beta testers needed. Go fetch a copy.

Update 08/15/2006

New PHP version release (version 0.31) fixing the "include" tag.

Update 08/14/2006 (later that day)

New PHP version release (version 0.3) implementing the "copy" tag.

Update 08/14/2006

New PHP version release (version 0.2) implementing the aliasing system and fixing file formatting bugs.

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